Update: Ten philosophical questions

The ten philosophical questions I probably have worked on the most, with my brief answers.



Would you forgive a Nazi?: Reflections on The Sunflower

What would you do if you were a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp, and a dying SS soldier asked you for forgiveness for the murders he had committed?



Walkthrough of Gelfand and Fomin's Calculus of Variations, Sec. 6, Example (pp. 26-27)

Walkthrough written for lesser mortals like me, who have a degree in math but lack the mysterious, magical mathematical powers of the Russians.




Update: Were many great scientists creationists?


Updates: Gelfand and Fomin's Calculus of Variations, Section 3 Lemma 2, Section 4.2 Case 2, and Section 4.2 Example 2.



New: Philosophy notes: Singer, "Famine, Affluence, and Morality."



New: Greater than Infinity? Part I



New: Which branch of philosophy is most important?



New: The top three philosophical questions