Defender's Guide to Science and Creationism
Mark Vuletic
Last update:
30 Oct 2017


Not for over a century has there been any scientific controversy over creationism. Having no science to offer, contemporary advocates of creationism opt instead to press their views through lawsuits and campaigns of misinformation, seeking to bypass the scientific community altogether and directly indoctrinate the next generation of students with fraudulent objections to science. Although creationist legal maneuvers have thus far resulted in one spectacular failure after another, the creationist PR effort has enjoyed more success. The only hope for those who care about science is to match misinformation with information: to invest as much time and money into educating the public as creationists do into misleading it. The Internet contains many good resources for those who wish to defend science, including the links to the left. This Defender's Guide is my own small contribution, in which I try to offer brief and readable analyses not only of nominally "scientific" creationist assertions, but of moral, philosophical, and theological ones as well. This is a one-man project and a part-time effort, so it has definite limitations, but I hope it will serve you well. I encourage you to send me feedback, particularly on anything missing from this guide—I may not have the opportunity to respond to you personally, but I will take your questions or criticisms into account in future revisions.

Assertions Analyzed

I: Cosmology and astronomy

Objections to Big Bang theory

Objections to natural astronomical processes

Astronomical objections to the old age of the universe and its contents


II: Geology and the age of the earth

Objections to radiometric dating

Geological objections to the old age of the earth


III: The origin of life

General objections to the origin of life


IV: Evolutionary biology



Things that supposedly could not have evolved

Counterarguments against evidence for evolution


V: Paleontology

Particular transitional forms

Miscellaneous paleontological objections to evolution

VI: Morality and theology

Evolution and atheism

Evolution and theology

Evolution and morality

Personal moral attacks against Darwin

VII: Philosophy and education

Philosophy of science

Science and supernaturalism


VIII: Miscellaneous


Dedicated to Dr. Douglas J. Futuyma, for his tireless efforts on behalf of the defense and advancement of science. Despite holding the three jobs of professor, textbook writer, and editor of the scientific journal Evolution, Dr. Futuyma still took the time to author Science on Trial (Sunderland, MA: Sinnauer, 1995), a fine popular response to creationism. Science on Trial, now in its second edition, was one of the first, and one of the most helpful, books I read when I first became interested in creationism, and the appendix to that book provided me with the initial inspiration for the Defender's Guide. Without Dr. Futuyma's example, this project might never have been started.

About the editor

Mark I. Vuletic received a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2007 for a dissertation on the conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics, and a B.A. in mathematics from Portland State University in 2014.