Defender's Guide to Science and Creationism

Mark Vuletic


Einstein's general theory of relativity is just a theory.


In a web article which has since been removed, creationist Gary DeMar (2008) footnoted the first paragraph of my guide article on whether the Big Bang was ruled out by the (presumed) fact that something cannot come from nothing. DeMar asked the reader to notice that I explain Big Bang theory by using another theory (Einstein's general theory of relativity), the implication presumably being that anything attached to the word theory is mere conjecture. So as to leave no doubt, DeMar even put the word into boldface when he quoted me.


The fact that scientists call general relativity a theory does not make it speculative. On the contrary, general relativity is as well-confirmed as anything can be. To dismiss it as speculative because scientists refer to it as a theory is to make almost exactly the same set of mistakes that creationists make when they dismiss evolution as "just a theory," so I refer the reader to my analysis of that claim—just make the obvious word substitutions there.

lf you are interested in an overview of the evidence for general relativity, Astronomy Notes presents a fine overview.


DeMar G. Why evolution is impossible. Spotted 21 Mar 2008.  Link now defunct.

Last updated: 7 Nov 2014

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