Defender's Guide to Science and Creationism

Mark Vuletic


The Mississippi River Delta is at most 30,000 years old.


Creationist Kent Hovind offers this claim in a list of alleged "facts from various branches of science that limit the age of the universe (including earth) to a few thousand years."


This claim suffers from the same main problem as the use of the age of Niagara Falls to establish a young Earth: it is completely irrelevant even if true, since the Earth obviously can be older than any feature on its surface. The age of the Mississippi River Delta could limit the age of the Earth only if the Mississippi River existed and flowed from the very beginning of the Earth, which it clearly did not.

I assume Hovind does not really mean to suggest that the age of the Mississippi River Delta also limits the age of the universe to a few thousand years; if he does, the problem with such a suggestion should immediately be evident from the foregoing.

Last updated 9 Jan 2015

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