Defender's Guide to Science and Creationism

Mark Vuletic


Radiometric dating only seems to indicate an old Earth because Noah's Flood changed the radioisotope concentrations in the young Earth.


I. Dating too ordered to be product of cataclysmic flood

If a worldwide cataclysmic flood had changed the radioisotope concentrations in terrestrial rock, one would expect radiometric dating to yield a completely haphazard distribution of ages as one tested rock strata progressively deeper in the Earth. However, lower strata consistently date older than higher strata (except where overthrust has occurred).

II. Agreement of moon and meteorite ages with standard geological timescale 

Radiometric dating of moonrocks and meteorites consistently yields dates of around 4.5 billion years, which is approximately the age of the earth according to standard geology. Since a worldwide flood could not have affected the radioisotope concentrations of moonrocks and meteorites (unless it somehow managed to engulf the entire solar system), these dates give us independent evidence that the radioisotope concentrations of terrestrial rocks were not distorted by a flood either. It would be too great a coincidence for the dates to just happen to match.

III. No plausible evidence for a worldwide flood

 There is no plausible evidence for a worldwide flood.

Last update: 9 Jan 2015

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