Defender's Guide to Science and Creationism

Mark Vuletic


The ages of rocks are determined by the kinds of fossils they contain, but the ages of the fossils are derived from evolutionary assumptions.


I. The geological column was established by creationists

It is strange to say that the ages of fossils are derived from evolutionary assumptions, given that "the basics of the geological well as most of the basic divisions of geological time, were established well before Darwin published On the Origin in 1859. And in fact, to the extent that they held any publicly expressed opinions on the subject, the geologists who established the basic sequence of divisions of geological time back then were creationists." (Eldredge 2000:104)


II. Ages confirmed by radiometric dating

 The absolute age of rocks is accurately determined by the use of radioisotope dating. It is true that, as Eldredge points out, the relative ages of strata were determined prior to the development of radiometric dating, but radiometric dating has confirmed these relative dates to be correct. Absolute dating by radioisotopes has likewise confirmed the long time span necessary for evolution. (Brush 1983:64)


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